Travel: Winter in Dublin

September 11, 2015

After my weekend in London, I headed to Dublin. As someone who has lived in Southern Hemisphere countries all her life, I was amazed at how dark winter was. The sun rises so late (I think it wasn’t fully risen until after 10am) and its only around for such a short time before starting to set mid afternoon.

It barely snowed while I was there, but I can’t remember a time I experienced a place as cold. I thought I was being over prepared by taking my big Alexander Wang snow coat, however, I really underestimated winter! I can’t say how much this made me appreciate returning to Australia afterwards (where it was summer) – though some would argue that an Australian summer (especially in Adelaide) is just as tough as winter in the UK and Ireland.

Since I was in Dublin for business, I only had a small amount of free time. At first, I was struck at how very stark and gloomy the city seems from the outside, but quickly got past this once I found how warm and full of character the Irish are.

Windows Phone_20150202_09_44_09_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150202_09_45_59_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150202_14_48_25_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150202_15_52_13_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150202_16_03_24_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150202_16_37_58_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150202_16_46_15_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150202_16_46_34_Pro Windows Phone_20150202_16_47_15_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150202_16_49_06_Pro__highresGuinness Storehouse (the Guinness Brewery) – St James’ Gate, Dublin 8

Windows Phone_20150204_19_23_13_Pro Windows Phone_20150205_08_06_48_ProDoubleTree by Hilton – Upper Leeson Street, Dublin 4

Windows Phone_20150205_08_40_21_Pro Windows Phone_20150205_08_41_49_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150205_08_58_00_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150205_15_58_57_Pro Windows Phone_20150205_16_02_44_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150205_16_03_24_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150205_16_06_14_Pro Windows Phone_20150205_16_07_55_Pro Windows Phone_20150205_16_15_10_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150205_16_20_53_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150205_16_21_07_Pro Windows Phone_20150205_17_15_51_Pro__highresGrafton Street – one of Dublin’s main shopping strips

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