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New Zealand Photo Diary 2

April 25, 2014

The second part of our trip saw us in Rotorua, the place that I spent a good deal of my childhood. I think out of all the places I’ve lived in (which is a lot!) this is the most special to me.

We stayed with my oldest friend at Lake Okareka, slightly out of Rotorua which is where we used to live. Much fun was had, including setting off fireworks (only in New Zealand can you buy fireworks at the local hardware store and set them off wherever and whenever you want), trekking through forest in nothing but bathers to find cliffs to jump off into the lake, getting drenched by a sky high geyser, crashing my luge cart and almost falling down a cliff, walking through thermal wonderlands and discovering hidden glow worm caves at the lake’s cliff face.

Words and photos are simply not enough to express the magic that is New Zealand, in particular the Rotorua area. I can’t wait to go back again, hopefully for some snowboarding.

 Waitomo glow worm caves
 I’m wearing: Mossman holographic jacket // Zara top // Ellery skirt
 Thermal lake at Waimangu. Too bad the water is too acidic for bathing.
 I’m wearing: Bec & Bridge jumper // Zara top // Josh Goot skirt
 Blue lake at Waimangu
 Lake Rotomahana
 Silicon Terraces
 In a few hundred thousand years time this silicon terrace will multiply into many terraces suitable for bathing.
 Lake Okareka – our house had a similar view
 Biggest burger I’ve ever had the privilege of eating
 Lady Knox geyser at Waitapu
 I’m wearing: Zara top // Cue skirt
 Frying pan lake at Waitapu
 Sulphur lake at Waitapu. The colour is legit.
 Famous Rotorua bubbling mud
 Kerosene Creek – a natural thermal river suitable for bathing
 Treating ourselves to a day spa at the Polynesian Spa. We bathed in the thermal pools for an hour before having a body rub with Rotorua Mud and an Aix massage.
 Lake Rotorua sulfur flats
 I’m wearing: Bec & Bridge jumper // Zara top // Cue skirt
 Giant ponga (fern) trees
 The ‘jumping rock’ at Lake Okareka, where we discovered secret glow worm caves
 I’m wearing: Jets by Jessika Allen bathers
 Lake Tarawera, where we had my birthday dinner

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