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What to wear: Festivals

December 21, 2015

Summer season is festival season, especially in Adelaide.

That time of year everyone looks forward to when ice cream melted by the sun drips down your arm. When you can let your hair dry naturally in the sun. When you raid your mother’s, grandmother’s or best friends wardrobe for those holy grail pieces to complete your festival outfit. When the bonds of friendship between you and your gang tighten, and you lie in the grass watching the sun set. When you listen to your favourite band play in the balmy evening warmth, sipping cold ciders on your balcony.

Of course there’s more to it than this – and a big part is how to look (and feel) like a part of summer festival culture, but still maintain your own style.

I partnered with ASOS to style my own festival outfit – I took elements of quintessential festival style, and mixed in some elements (like luxe fabrics and deailing) that are true to my style.

Let me show you how to put together your own festival outfit:

  1. I think the best place to start is have a look at pieces and styles usually saved for festivals. Think kimonos, maxi dresses, fringing, bell bottomed pants and tops, denim mini shorts, slinky jewellery, oversized hats and all things beaded.
  2. Next think about what you might pair together. Some examples of great pairings are: crop top + bell bottomed pants, denim mini shorts + kimono, maxi dress + kimono, denim mini shorts + bell bottomed top. This is where you can start to introduce some of ‘you’ – love wearing maxi dresses or denim mini shorts in your day-to-day style? They would be good styles to pick.
  3. Now think about fabric, colours and syle of the garments you pick. I love the elegance of maxi dresses, and the crushed burgundy velvet gives the dress a luxe edge. However the crushed velvet and thin straps give it a vintage feel. The kimono I picked accentuates this, but still retains some luxe elements, such as the beading detail on the back. I also used colour (burgundy dress and beading on kimono) to pull the outfit together.
  4. Accesorise! I went with a body chain, a large hat and some strappy lace up heels. You could also look at gladiator sandals, fringed bags, feather necklaces or headdresses and silk scarves!

Now all you need are some festivals to attend!

Some local suggestions:

IMG_1316-2 IMG_1451-3 IMG_1615-2 IMG_1645-3

IMG_1676-2 IMG_1713-2 IMG_1724-2 IMG_1776-2 IMG_1789-2

Get the look: Liquorish Kimono // ASOS Velvet Maxi Dress // ASOS Ball and Bar Body Chain // Boohoo Lace Up Heels // 66 The Label Hat // YSL Sunglasses


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