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April 11, 2013

I can hardly remember having a busier couple of weeks. All the lecturers seem to have decided to put all the assignment due dates in the same week and graduate job applications have been taking up so much of my time.

I’ve been thinking about ways to improve my outfit photos and thought that maybe making them a bit more like editorials might be cool – hopefully this is something my boyfriend and I can pull off even though we are so busy this year.

This week I was offered a job with a top-tier firm next year (which I am absolutely thrilled about as I can stay in Adelaide), but this will most likely impact on the blog next year.

As the job is in a corperate environment, I will have to wear corporate clothing but was thinking it might be cool to also post some of my work outfits in the blog too (and still have my normal clothing on the weekends)! I haven’t really seen many corporate fashion blogs, so it might be something cool to try…. luckily I only have to worry about that next year (as I feel thoroughly unlike myself in a suit) and can enjoy one more year wearing whatever I want every day 🙂

Anyway for now, here is an old editorial-esque photoshoot my sister and I did a few of years ago (supporting the fact that I *still* look like a 17 year old kid). Hoping to do some more shoots like this because they are so much fun!

Photo 1: French Connection Chiffon Layerd Dress // Mimco Necklace // Mimco Gloves // Pearl Earings from the Local Pharmacy
Photo 2 & 3: Jenny Bannister ‘Regina’ Dress //  Mimco Necklace // Mimco Gloves // Pearl Earings from the Local Pharmacy
Photo 4: Mimco Necklace

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