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Moving to Canberra

November 9, 2016

Some of my readers might know that I’ve moved around a lot as a child, having lived in many cities across South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. So when I was offered an exciting opportunity in the last few weeks to transfer from Microsoft’s Adelaide to Canberra offices, it felt natural to accept.

I absolutely love Adelaide and South Australia, especially our family, friends, work team, our beautiful art deco home and the growing fashion and food culture, but Canberra will allow both my fiancé and I opportunities for growth.

Anyone who has ever moved house, will know that it’s one of the most exhausting adventures ever – so I’ve decided to share some tips that we found made our move easier:

1) Spring Cleaning Time

Our house in Adelaide is 4 bedrooms, and our apartment in Canberra is 1 bedroom… so unfortunately this meant a whole lot of spring cleaning. We started about a month before our move, and went through everything to decide what to take and what to leave.

This was probably the least fun part of moving, as it takes so much mental stamina to cull a large amount of items. Ultimately, I think this is one of the most important parts of moving to get right – you don’t want to pay for removalists to take stuff you don’t need! We found that most of the stuff we threw out was cheap and poor quality furniture, kitchen items and clothing. This has reminded me to aim only for investing in fewer better quality items in the future 🙂

2) Finding a Place to Live

In advance of our move, my fiancé spent a week in Canberra familiarising himself with areas that suited us, and going to house inspections. In Canberra, mostly you can’t apply for rental properties without having physically inspected it first – so a pre-move visit is essential if you want to pre-organise a house before moving.

3) Enlist the Help of Removalists

Hiring Removalists is probably the most expensive part of moving – but if you are moving interstate or overseas, I think they’re well worth the investment. We used Kent Removalists via Toll, and they were great. They packed up all of our belongings into cardboard boxes in a day, and then moved all our furniture and boxes into a moving container. The best part is that we didn’t have to do any packing! It took a week for our container to arrive in Canberra, and everything was moved into our apartment for us.

When we move again in the future, one thing I would do differently is make sure all like items are grouped together in the house before packing. This way the removalists will pack them all in the same box, making it easy to find things when unpacking.

4) Planning your Journey to your new Home

Moving from Adelaide to Canberra, we had two travel options – via plane or car. It’s much cheaper to drive (and also a good option if you have pets), but you can also have your vehicles shipped on a truck or train.

We also decided to road trip between Adelaide to Canberra, which took two days via Mildura. It’s a suprisingly pretty drive, with a great variety of landscapes – SA’s Mallee scrub and Riverland, Victorian farmland, and the lush green fields in NSW and ACT.

Driving for so long can get tiresome when you have constant background noise from the road, but fortunately I had my Sudio Vasa Blå headphones!

The studio quality really goes a long way against background noise in aircraft and on trains, and they last the best part of a long haul flight with 8 hours of freedom (and super easy to recharge on the plane with a USB connection).

They also come with adjustable ear bud sizes, which means you can customise each pair to fit perfectly. It’s also great if you want to share the headphones, and the other person has different sized ears!

When we drive back over Christmas, Sudio Vasa Blå will be at the top of my packing list!

Make Sudio Sweden style yours here, with an exclusive 15% discount code ‘fashionadventurer

sudio31 sudio32 sudio33 sudio34Sudio Vasa Blå headphones // Missguided skirt // Revolution top (via Azalia Boutique) // Coat (via Yoox) // Acne Studios boots (via La Garçonne) // Céline bag

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