Mok Theorem

August 16, 2013

I know I said I’d mention shopping in London in my previous post, but to be honest, I totally forgot about it because I didn’t actually end up doing a whole lot of shopping! I wasn’t able to find the main item on my wishlist in the colour I wanted (Chanel 6040H sunglasses in green) at Harrods or the Chanel store on Sloane Street, but I did go to an awesome sample sale in Mayfair where I scored a metallic green jacket on super discount by Marios Schwab. We also did a spot of shopping in Agent Provocateur on Grosvenor (actually meaning that we got poor very quickly), where the lovely shop assistants thought we were a bit crazy wearing our jackets in 26 degree weather.

Anyway, I thought I’d skip ahead my Spanish photos for just a sec to show off this jacket I got from the Wild Child Stylelab‘s sale at their Hyde Park store last weekend. It’s angora/wool blend with a metallic patent leather back, and I got it for a bargain! They are also saving a big sale at their Norwood store to get rid of stock for renovations – if you’re in Adelaide you might want to check it out (everying is under $100!).

Mok Theorem coat // Zara top // Cue skirt // Topshop Unique boots

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