It’s Not the 70s…

December 11, 2012

I saw these pants a while ago on the US Zara website. We have a Zara here in Adelaide and its all well and good, but the stuff on the US website is cheaper.

I wasn’t sure about the pants at first, but after mulling over them for a bit (I’m one of those people who has learned never to make impulse purchases after too many mistakes) I couldn’t resist clicking ‘buy’ and sending them off to my parcel forwarding service.

For those who have always wanted to benefit from the great online stores in the UK or US, or be able to buy the awesome stuff on Amazon that won’t ship to Australia (eat your heart out Aussie retailers), a parcel forwarding service is the most magic thing known to man. I use shipito for US purchases, and forward2me for UK purchaes (although their shipping is way too expensive).

(Also yes, that is my natural, virgin hair colour. It tends to look various different shades in different light. Annoying people in primary and high school would argue about its true colour. It is neither red nor blonde and I say its a strawberry blonde with the blonde being medium/dark. Its proper colour is best seen here and here)

 Zara silk pants // Zara top // Mimco necklace // Chanel sunglasses // Carin Wester flatforms

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