March 24, 2013

In passing by Cue on my way to uni one morning, I saw this amazing jacket on one of the mannequins in the window. The jacket screamed out to me and with there being no way I could pass it by, I quickly stepped into the store and made it mine 🙂

I’m trying to be a lot more careful in what I buy in order to refine my style. I want to dress more minimalistically and architectually, so this jacket perfectly suited that aesthetic. Asides from that, it struck me as the perfect companion to a Plug Suit from Neon Genesis Evangelion (shout out to all those anime fans out there).

I’m super excited about what outfits I can put together with it this Autumn and Winter. Meanwhile, I am busy planning my Winter wardrobe – hopefully picking up some new skirts and some long sleeved tops next… oh and getting a hair cut!

 Cue Jacket // Staple Top // Josh Goot Skirt

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