British Colonist

November 12, 2012

A while ago I went as a British Colonist to a friend’s African themed birthday party. Not the most typical choice, but I thought it was a good choice because my ancestors were British Colonists in Africa. I wore a really lacey outfit, trying to recreate what would have been worn by women over a hundred years ago.

Although I really like the outfit, I’ve been thinking about the different clothing styles I like and have come to a realisation that my wardrobe is really quite schizophrenic in style. One one hand, I have very girly clothes, while on another I have more refined, minimalistic and edgy clothes. Discovering and creating a defined style for myself is one of the reasons I started to blog, and I think I can see that I have outgrown the girly style and want to completely move into something that is more ladylike, refined, minimalistic, structural, yet still a little edgy. Anyway, hope to have you along with me as I discover more about my personal style!

(For now here are the photos of my colonist outfit!)

 Alannah Hill ‘Death Doll’ Blouse // Alannah Hill ‘Beautiful Girl’ Skirt // Vintage Gold and Pearl Pendant (from my Grandmother) // Miu Miu Boots

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