March 25, 2013

This year, my birthday lay during a time when my family were interstate and I was busy with my internship. Eventually though, we found time to have dinner at the Tin Cat Cafe (yum!) and then have my birthday cake – a really yummy ‘Lemon Heaven’ cake I bought from David Jones – at home afterwards.

I wore some of my wardrobe newbies; a white coat I picked up on sale at Zara and an awesome white sweater I ordered from Bec and Bridge. I’m always super happy to pick something up at Zara which is as well made as this coat is. Most of their items are a bit hit and miss in terms of quality, but I think if you spend a bit of time sifting through their store you will find something nice (generally the more expensive stuff is better quality). This jacket has great quality fabric, is fully lined and has excellent zips – I’m lucky to have found quite a few items which are as good quality as this!

 Zara Coat // Bec & Bridge Sweater // Cue Skirt

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