Adelaide Fashion Festival: Tiff Manuell

November 4, 2015

Tiff Manuell is one of Adelaide’s most unique designers, well-known mostly for her one-off bags and purses.

The bags and purses themselves are created using an interesting technique. Tiff hand paints canvases based on her mood that day (I assume she must be a very happy person, due to the bright and cheerful colours she mostly uses). Once the paint has dried, she then makes the canvas (covered in PVC) into a handful of different sized bags and purses.

With a recent expansion into clothing, Tiff’s Adelaide Fashion Festival installation event was anticipated with such enthusiasm that it was one of the first events at the festival to completely sell out.

Luckily for us, she also showcased at the Couture Culture event. Clothing was magnificent, and true to her signature style. Based on white or black fabric, pieces were all adorned with Tiff’s colourful designs. Let’s hope she makes them available to order soon!

IMG_6891 IMG_6894 IMG_6899 IMG_6913See more Tiff Manuell below!

IMG_6926 IMG_6929 IMG_6940 IMG_6944 IMG_6954 IMG_6959

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