Adelaide Fashion Festival: Suzana Lucci

October 26, 2015

Suzana Lucci is one of Adelaide’s most in demand bridal courturists and evening wear designers.

Not only does she carefully source the most luxurious fabrics from various international locations, she is also meticulous in creating the perfect piece for each of her clients.

When it comes to bridal pieces in general, I’m of the opinion they can often be very tame and unmemorable. However I think every of Suzana’s pieces feels alive and full of character – from her use of modern lace, sequins, feathers, tulle and very luxe looking silk. From the her use of these fabrics as well as each piece’s modern and flattering structure, one might even draw paralells between Suzana Lucci, J’Aton Couture and Elie Saab.

My favourite? The sheer white dress with the white sequin ‘roots’.

IMG_6515 IMG_6525 IMG_6531 IMG_6536See more Suzana Lucci below!

IMG_6550 IMG_6558 IMG_6562 IMG_6568 IMG_6573 IMG_6576 IMG_6577 IMG_6589

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