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Adelaide Fashion Festival: Evo Hair at Sally Phillips

October 24, 2015

When it comes to a great look, I think having the perfect hairstyle can be even more important than the outfit. How many times have you seen a really basic and simple outfit that looks incredible simply because of great hair? I bet lots!

Although I am pretty lucky to have my hair, if I am totally honest, I am terrible at styling it! Fortunately I have partnered with Evo Hair across the Adelaide Fashion Festival to share the magic behind the amazing hair shown on the runway.

Based in SA, Evo has been one of my favourite haircare brands for a while now. They have a great range of products that both keep your hair healthy and make it look amazing (their hairbrushes and gluttony volumising range are my absolute favourites). The best part though? Their cheeky product names and descriptions which don’t take life too seriously.

Anyway, for the Sally Phillips show, models were sporting some rather chic looking top buns. Check out the guide put together by the Clip Joint team (using Evo Hair products) below to re-create yourself!

HERO PRODUCTS: Evo Mister Fantastic, Bradford Bristle Brush, Builders Paradise Working Spray; Cloud Nine Iron

  1. Prep hair by using Evo Mister Fantastic and blow drying using the Evo Pete Paddle Brush, then smooth the cuticle using Cloud Nine Wide or Original irons on a low heat.
  2. Section off the front top and sides of the hair leaving the back down. Using the Evo Bradford Bristle Brush, brush the hair from the top section in an upwards direction into a high ponytail. Using hat elastic, wrap around the base of the pony very tightly and tie off.
  3. Repeat same steps for second section through the back of the head bringing it up to join the top pony (this can also be split up into a few sections if hair is thick).
  4. Use Evo Builder’s Paradise Working Spray to smooth and fly always. Again using Evo Bradford Bristle Brush, brush a section of hair through the top front hairline (between rescession lines), against the direction of the ponytail to create a textured, fly away effect. Then light spray more Evo Builder’s Paradise Working Spray to set.
  5. For the high bun, spray Evo Builder’s Paradise Working Spray into the pony and start to twist the hair from bottom to top and bring the twist back down to the base and pin tightly to base with fringe and bobby pins. Slightly pull bun apart to loosen and create texture but keep as much height as possible.
  6. Finish with a final spray of Evo Builder’s Paradise Working Spray.

Thanks Evo Hair for partnering with me!

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