Adelaide Fashion Festival: Couture+Love+Madness

October 26, 2015

I have been a fan of Couture+Love+Madness for the longest time. Designer Cristina Tridente is not only one of the most talented artists around, but she is also a mega babe and all-round lovely person.

She was recently the first Australian invited to show in Qingdao, (at China’s 3rd biggest Fashion Festival) where her designs were extremely well received. She’s been invited back to show in Qingdao next year, but also has India in her sights.

Cristina’s signature style focuses colourful and fun designs, using luxurious oriental fabrics (sourced from Qingdao!) with western designs. A testament to her talent, each piece is completely unique and original – I can’t think of any other designer doing something similar to Couture+Love+Madness.

IMG_6422IMG_6432 IMG_6442 IMG_6451See more Couture+Love+Madness below!

IMG_6426 IMG_6459 IMG_6471 IMG_6477 IMG_6480 IMG_6486 IMG_6494 IMG_6498 IMG_6508

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