Adelaide Fashion Festival: Calèche

November 2, 2015

I was lucky enough to try on some Calèche pieces at the Mercedes-Benz Blogger Style Challenge, and since then I was been looking forward to seeing them show at the Adelaide Fashion Festival. Calèche did not dissapoint, with many dream-worthy pieces shown (my absolute favourite was this dress).

Calèche has a great backstory – it was founded by Colette Foubert in 1973, after moving to Australia from Paris with her family. Then for five years, they travelled to every town in Australia with a fashion store until they had agents promoting the brand across every capital city and regional area. Calèche pieces can not only be found in Australia, but also France, Italy and New Zealand.

The company is still run by the Foubert family, with Elizabeth Foubert (who studied at The London School of Design) currently continuing Calèche’s signature European design.

IMG_6746 IMG_6753IMG_6785 IMG_6760More Calèche below!

IMG_6764 IMG_6767 IMG_6775 IMG_6776 IMG_6793 IMG_6799 IMG_6805

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