Adelaide Fashion Festial: BNKR

October 25, 2015

I think I speak for a good portion of young Adeladian women when I say BNKR is one of the best go-to stores for finding last minute event outfits we’ll not regret (we know BNKR will never fail us) as well as on-trend and good quality pieces that we can wear to work and out to drinks afterwards.

As Australian Fashion Labels‘ official retail store (currently both Adelaide-based and online), BNKR stocks beloved labels C/meo Collective, Keepsake, Finders Keepers and The Fifth. You’ll be hard pressed to find the wardrobe of a young Australian woman which doesn’t contain a piece from one of Australian Fashion Labels’ brands. For this reason, the BNKR show was one of the most anticipated shows of the Adelaide Fashion Festival – particularly for the younger demographic.

At the event, BNKR showed their upcoming collections from C/meo Collective, Keepsake, Finders Keepers and The Fifth. There is a lot of 90’s inspired styles, particularly in The Fifth, as well as the more polished looks we’re used to from Aus Labels in C/meo and Finders Keepers.

IMG_5993 IMG_5999 IMG_6014 IMG_6019 IMG_6023See more Keepsake, Finders Keepers, The Fifth and C/meo Collective below!

IMG_6033 IMG_6041 IMG_6045 IMG_6052 IMG_6067 IMG_6074 IMG_6080 IMG_6091 IMG_6097 IMG_6105 IMG_6115 IMG_6125 IMG_6135 IMG_6144 IMG_6152 IMG_6155 IMG_6166 IMG_6174 IMG_6180 IMG_6192 IMG_6197 IMG_6203 IMG_6217 IMG_6221 IMG_6228 IMG_6237 IMG_6243 IMG_6256 IMG_6266 IMG_6271 IMG_6283

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