A Lofty Affair

September 8, 2014

The Loft Oyster and Wine Bar is one of my favourite spots to chill with friends and a cocktail or two, so I was really excited when I discovered that they were launching a dinner menu. I mean their cocktails and wine selection are already pretty great, but pairing them with delicious food just took everything to the next level.

I was super lucky to be invited to try the new menu, and already I can’t wait to go back. The match between the meals and their respective wine and cocktail has been well chosen by The Loft’s resident sommelière. The stand outs for me were the Sous Vide Duck Breast with Beetroot, Brussels Sprouts and Calve Nero paired with the Mosquito Hill Pinot Noir, and the Beef Sirloin with Mushrooms and Chorizo paired with the Garfield  & Thomas Cabernet Merlot.

The cocktails at The Loft are really some of the best in Adelaide, with my picks being the 20th Century Cocktail (gin, lemon, Kina Lillet & cacao) and the White Rabbit Cocktail (Brown Butter Run, smoked maple, fresh lemon and orange juice).

I should also add that the grand and sophisticated, yet relaxed and welcoming ambiance at The Loft definitely adds a lot to the dining experience, and I would highly recommend coming for a dinner with a bunch of friends – after all what fun is dinner without good company?

 I’m wearing: Rag and Bone leather jacket // ASOS top // Mimco necklace
 Left: Sherry Cobbler (pimms, curacao, fino sherry and cucumber); Right: East 8 Hold Up (vodka, aperol, pineapple, lime and passionfruit)
 Pulutan (whole prawns, baby squid, pork belly). This was paired with the East 8 Hold Up Cocktail, Sherry Cobbler Cocktail and the Mosquito Hill Pino Blanc.
 Chicken (poached with ginger broth and wild rice). This was paired with the 20th Century Cocktail and the Mosquito Hill Sauvignon Blanc.
 20th Century Cocktail (gin, lemon, kina lillet and cacao)
 Duck (sous vide duck breast with beetroot, brussels sprouts and calve nero). This was paired with the White Rabbit Cocktail and the Mosquito Hill Pinot Noir).
 Beef Sirloin (with mushrooms and chorizo). This was paired with the Garfield & Thomas Cabernet Merlot.
The ingenious Picasso cocktail. It was served with a mix of vodka and sparkling water, along with a palette of flavoured ‘mixers’. One for the artists or control freaks.
Turon (filipino banana and cinnamon sugar pastry with chocolate sauce). This was paired with the Kooinda Milk Porter and El Maestro Pedro Ximenez.

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