Rock & Royal and The Fashion Bunker Interviews

September 11, 2013

It’s no secret that Adelaide is home to some great boutiques. Two of the newest and most exciting are The Fashion Bunker ( and Rock & Royal ( / 30 Regent Arcade, Adelaide), which stock beloved Adelaide labels such as Cameo and Finders Keepers, among other great Australian labels.

To find out more about each boutique, Fashion Adventurer interviewed manager Gretl of The Fashion Bunker and Emily of Rock & Royal.

The Fashion Bunker

When and why did you decide to launch The Fashion Bunker?

We work in a fashion house to begin with (with in house designers for Cameo, Finders Keepers and Keepsake), so we thought it was a great way to back up the brands and give the fans a direct link to shop the whole range. 

What is The Fashion Bunker’s customer like?

The Fashion Bunkers customer is a girl who really loves high end fashion, but does not have loads of money to burn on one outfit. Our products are quality unique designer pieces, but within an affordable price range. The Bunker girl also loves bold prints and tailored intricate detailing, this is where they can find that real ‘statement’ piece.

The Adelaide Fashion Festival is all about celebrating the South Australian fashion industry – what do you enjoy most about working in this industry?

Working for a fashion house within SA is really amazing. There is so much young, local talent, so the vibe here is really energetic and inspiring.

The Fashion Bunker stocks South Australian labels (like Cameo, Finders Keepers and Keepsake) almost exclusively. What was your motivation for this?

This goes with my answer for the first question, so we have all three of those labels in house, and each of these brands release a new range every month. Each brand has a different style and edge, so they really feed into everything that our customers are after in terms of diversity and range. 

Can you tell us who your favourite South Australian label is at the moment?

I personally feel like my style is more in line with Cameo, as I love its simple shapes merged with sophisticated detailing. 

The Fashion Bunker retails online exclusively. How do you think this has given you an edge in the retail market?

Having our entire presence exclusively online means that we can reach and target a much larger, international audience. This also backs up our labels, giving new fans accessibility to these brands, that are quickly becoming very globally popular.

What’s next for The Fashion Bunker?

At this stage we are still growing our audience, with the launch of our new look website in July with still more changes to come. Soon we will have a few more bells and whistles, making the online shopping experience more encompassing and fulfilling.

Rock & Royal

When and why did you decide to launch Rock & Royal?

From a young age I have always been interested in anything related to both fashion and beauty. After completing a 4-year apprenticeship in both Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy, I decided it was time for me to venture out into the fashion industry and create a career that I had always envisioned myself doing. It was a bit of a gamble, but I am not the sort of person to look back; I have an idea, and wish to do something, best consider it done.

What is the Rock & Royal customer like?

The Rock & Royal customer is fashion focussed and doesn’t mind substituting a necessity for the latest Sara Phillips design for Saturday night. Our consumer appreciates fine fashion, and has an interest in the industry.
A Rock & Royal customer is also on-trend and is always one step ahead of the current season. Rock & Royal customers also care about our country, with all bar one of our labels being Australian made – this is very important to us as a small business.

The Adelaide Fashion Festival is all about celebrating the South Australian fashion industry – what do you enjoy most about working in this industry?

The most rewarding thing about owning a boutique is certainly meeting lots of inspiring people on a daily basis. Knowing what is due to drop in stores before others is also one of the perks of doing all of the buying for Rock & Royal. Stumbling across up and coming labels is also exciting and shakes things up.

Can you tell us who your favourite South Australian label is at the moment?

Sara Phillips, simply because each season her prints are always better than the last. Sara is a lovely person to work with. Sara Phillips truly is the whole package.

How do you think social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram have enhanced your business?

Instagram has catapulted the business of Rock & Royal. We ship world wide to accommodate every single one of our followers. I feel as though Facebook is a thing of the past, and both Instagram and Twitter have taken over the market. Having said this, everything we publicise on Instagram and Twitter, we duplicate on Facebook.

Rock and Royal retails both online and in store. What are the most rewarding and challenging aspects of each? What made you decide to operate both?

When creating Rock & Royal, my goal was to establish the online side of things and then slowly expand into a bricks and mortar store. We are of the belief that if you are able to make it work in Adelaide, it is possible anywhere. We, as a business are trying to open people up to dressing how they would wish to, rather than what society sees as being acceptable, because that’s no fun. Who wants to be a carbon copy? Not me. I feel like women today are dressing in uniform, the streets are very lifeless, and to see something a little different brightens up my day.

What’s next for Rock & Royal?

Unfortunately, this is a huge secret for the time being. However, I will say one thing, what is to come will change the way we all shop online as well as in store.

Written for the 2013 Adelaide Fashion Festival

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