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Beauty: Using Serums to Improve Your Skin

February 1, 2016

Following my post on enzyme treatments, I teamed up with the lovely ladies at Evolve Skin Rejuvenation Clinic to explain serums and how they can improve your skin.

Erin from Evolve made up my own custom serum ‘cocktail’ which was applied as part of an custom enzyme treatment – but you can just as easily include serums in your daily skin prep routune.

To start with, Erin preped my skin by double cleansing with Chi Australia’s Rose Mousse Cleanser. I actually love this cleaner so much (I bought my own to use at home!) – it’s very soft, and while it leaves you feeling very clean, it doesn’t strip too much of your natural barrier oils.

Next, Erin analysed my skin and found minor pore congestion and mild skin dehydration. To improve this, she decided continued with my enzyme treatment and exfoliation, followed with an ultrasonic infusion of serums.

To find out about the enzyme treatment, check out my earlier post.

For the ultrasonic infusion, Erin used three serums:

  • LYCD – oxygenates the skin, which accelerates healing of damaged skin
  • Green Tea – great for sensitive skin, and helps break down pigment and prevent aging
  • Natto – extremely hydrating, also calms dermatitis and exzcema

She then infused these into my skin using ultrasonic – heat and vibration technology, which helps push the serum into deeper layers of skin.

Afterwards, I had an Edelweiss Silk Mask layered over the top to futher hydrate and ‘seal’ the serums into the skin.

Finally, Erin applied sunscreen and moisturiser to protect my skin! Cosmedix Reflect suncreen is a great one – a non oily spray that you can wear under your foundation!

If you’re interested in trying out one of Evolve‘s treatments, I have a $50 voucher available below (one use per person) that can go towards your own treatment! Then, if you like Evolve’s Facebook page and leave a review based on your exprience, you could also win a $200 paper pack!

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