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Beauty: The Enzyme Mask Treatment

January 20, 2016

I’m a firm believer in taking the best care of my skin as possible. What I do for my skin now can really make a difference to it’s condition in the future when I’m older, helping me to look younger for longer!

Drinking plenty of water, keeping moisturised, wearing sunscreen, and covering up with a long sleeved shirt/midi skirt are some key parts of my (somewhat conservative) beauty regime. However I recently had an Enzyme Mask Treatment with the fab ladies at Evolve Skin Rejuvenation Clinic – it and my new beauty regime have resulted in my skin being super smooth, hydrated and bright. It makes applying make-up a breeze!

There are two kinds of beauty salons: those which do purely relaxing/cosmetic treatments (your traditional salons) and those which are para-medical. Evolve is one of the latter, and focuses on diagnosing your skin’s condition and finding a solution to work towards it being the best it can be.

At the beginning of my treatment, my beautician Niki appraised my skin using a Woods Lamp and a magnifying lamp. The Woods Lamp is pretty neat, as through it, the skin appears different shades of ultraviolet according to its condition. This gave Niki all the info she needed to customise a treatment according to my skin’s needs.

So what do you get in an Enzyme Mask Treatment?

  1. First Niki cleansed twice with Chi Australia’s Green Tea Cleanser. Cleansing twice is importance, as the first time removes the surface layer of dirt, and the second time cleanses more deeply.
  2. Next Niki refreshed my skin with Chi Australia’s Rose Petal Spritz.
  3. Once the skin is prepared, the Bio-Enzyme Mask is applied (mine was made of pure pawpaw and pineapple enzymes).
  4. Exfoliation! The most effective way to exfoliate is using a automatic brush (think Clarisonic). 5 minutes with the brush can get rid of more dead surface cells than a 20 minute exfoliating facial! While the mask was on, Niki exfoliated my skin, which also infused the mask into my skin.
  5. With the mask still on, Niki used a steamer to moisten and relax the skin post exfoliation.
  6. Mask is removed with a hot towel.
  7. Application of:
    • Chi Australia’s B3 Serum (this contains Niacinamide, which is truly amazing for the skin – not only hydrating but increases collagen and calms any redness).
    • Chi Australia H20 Moisturiser (made from marine extracts which hydrate the skin without feeling greasy)
    • Reflect SPF15 (a mineral sunscreen which is easily sprayed into any moisturiser)

I’ve continued to use the Chi Australia’s B3 Serum and Kakadu Plum Serum since the Treatment, and they are amazing! They feel so good on the skin, and have helped maintain its condition, while also even out the skin tone. Wendii (who owns Evolve and Chi Australia) developed the Chi Para-Medical Skin Care line with leading Bio Chemists, and all of the products are simple, affordable and produce amazing results.

If you’re interested in trying out one of Evolve’s treatments, I have a $50 voucher available below (one use per person) that can go towards your own treatment! Then, if you like Evolve’s Facebook page and leave a review based on your exprience, you could also win a $200 paper pack!


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