Winter in Dublin

September 11, 2015

After my weekend in London, I headed to Dublin. As someone who has lived in Southern Hemisphere countries all her life, I was amazed at how dark winter was. The sun rises so late (I think it wasn’t fully risen until after 10am) and its only around for such a short time before starting to set mid afternoon.

It barely snowed while I was there, but I can’t remember a time I experienced a place as cold. I thought I was being over prepared by taking my big Alexander Wang snow coat, however, I really underestimated winter! I can’t say how much this made me appreciate returning to Australia afterwards (where it was summer) – though some would argue that an Australian summer (especially in Adelaide) is just as tough as winter in the UK and Ireland.

Since I was in Dublin for business, I only had a small amount of free time. At first, I was struck at how very stark and gloomy the city seems from the outside, but quickly got past this once I found how warm and full of character the Irish are.

Windows Phone_20150202_09_44_09_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150202_09_45_59_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150202_14_48_25_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150202_15_52_13_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150202_16_03_24_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150202_16_37_58_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150202_16_46_15_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150202_16_46_34_Pro Windows Phone_20150202_16_47_15_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150202_16_49_06_Pro__highresGuinness Storehouse (the Guinness Brewery) – St James’ Gate, Dublin 8

Windows Phone_20150204_19_23_13_Pro Windows Phone_20150205_08_06_48_ProDoubleTree by Hilton – Upper Leeson Street, Dublin 4

Windows Phone_20150205_08_40_21_Pro Windows Phone_20150205_08_41_49_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150205_08_58_00_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150205_15_58_57_Pro Windows Phone_20150205_16_02_44_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150205_16_03_24_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150205_16_06_14_Pro Windows Phone_20150205_16_07_55_Pro Windows Phone_20150205_16_15_10_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150205_16_20_53_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20150205_16_21_07_Pro Windows Phone_20150205_17_15_51_Pro__highresGrafton Street – one of Dublin’s main shopping strips

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How to Look Stylish in a Sweater

September 9, 2015

Woolen sweaters are one of my favourite things to wear to keep warm in winter – but pulling of a stylish look including a sweater (especially an oversized one) can be hard!

One of my favourite tricks is to wear it with something tight, like a tube skirt (like the one I’m wearing from Boohoo), a hip hugging midi skirt (like this one from Ellery) or a pair of stretchy leather leggings (like these from Helmut Lang).

IMG_1958 IMG_1957 IMG_1970IMG_1951& Other Stories sweater // Boohoo skirt // Chanel heels

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September 8, 2015

There’s nothing I love more than an all white outfit in winter.

I got my Ellery skirt a while back when it first hit stores late December, and its been one of those genius trans-seasonal pieces that I can always rely on. So much so that I recently got the black version too (after a lot of trouble trying to track one down).

My Ellery jacket is a new addition to my wardrobe. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time – its of superb cut and quality, and very comfortable as well! Something I forsee becoming a trusted piece for seasons to come.

I love how well my Boohoo top goes with both my skirt and jacket. It’s a superb basic – literally the same colour, so comfortable and only $16. It would be easy to mistake that it cost a lot more – that’s one of the tricks of hi-lo dressing!

IMG_1824 IMG_1840 IMG_1816 IMG_1909 IMG_1938Ellery ‘cyclonic’ jacket // ‘layla’ top // Ellery ‘olympia’ skirt // Maison Margiela Boots


A Weekend in London

September 7, 2015

I was editing photos from my recent trip to America, and realised that I actually hadn’t shared any photos from a trip to the UK and Ireland earlier this year.

The main purpose of my trip was for business in Dublin, however I went a little early as to enjoy a weekend in London (one of my most favourite cities).

The one challenging thing about traveling alone is the difficulty of having photos taken of yourself. I’m not one to have enough patience to painstakingly set up a tripod with a self-timer, nor am I one to trust a stranger with my camera. And when it comes to asking a colleague to take photos of your outfit….well that’s just awkward!

Nonetheless, thought I’d share London through my eyes:

IMG_6424 IMG_6425Honest Burgers – 4 Market Place, Oxford Circus

IMG_6433 IMG_6438 IMG_6440 IMG_6445 IMG_6451 IMG_6454 IMG_6456 IMG_6462 IMG_6468 IMG_6474 IMG_6479 IMG_6483 IMG_6487 IMG_6491 IMG_6496 IMG_6504 IMG_6508 IMG_6511 IMG_6512 IMG_6517The British Museum – Great Russel Street

IMG_6523 IMG_6524 IMG_6529 IMG_6532 IMG_6535 IMG_6538 IMG_6548Ladurée – Harrods, 87-135 Brompton Rd

IMG_6553 IMG_6555 IMG_6557 IMG_6559Balthazar – 4-6 Russel Street

IMG_6560 IMG_6563 IMG_6574MEATliquor – 74 Welbeck Street

Windows Phone_20150131_12_33_32_ProSake No Hana – 23 St James’ Street

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Lush-ious Beginnings

August 24, 2015

I’ve posted about one of my favourite beauty stores Lush before, and recently got to celebrate the opening of their second SA store in Westfield Marion!

The store is full of all of everyone’s favourites – from shampoo bars, bathbombs, beautifully scented soaps and creams.

Lush’s super friendly store assistants also treated us to some special demos. I learned all about the Japanese art of furushiki – that is the wrapping of gifts in beautiful and re-usable scarves. The idea is the scarf is like a second gift, and once there are enough of them in circulation, they can reduce the use of wrapping paper – which is better for the environment.

It was also fascinating to learn all about the different scents that Lush uses – and the stores that the more complex ones tell, as well as getting to chance to learn how to make ‘Angels on Bare Skin’ cleanser!

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out their store and find out what Lush is all about – I promise you won’t be able to walk out without feeling happier!

IMG_1169 IMG_1042IMG_1048 IMG_1155 IMG_1149IMG_1185 IMG_1099IMG_1101 IMG_1140IMG_1074 IMG_1097 IMG_1077 IMG_1090 IMG_1083

Lush Westfield Marion

Level 1 (near Myer entrance)

297 Diagonal Road, Oaklands SA

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The Colour and the Gold

August 24, 2015

One of my favourite types of outfits is one where I can mix together both high street and designer labels, like I have here.

I think this is a great way to dress up some of your everyday staples. Who would have known my Boohoo top was only $12? It looks right at home with my Cameo skirt (loving the pink/grey colour combo that’s around at the moment) and Proenza bag.

To make this work, it does help for your staples to be good quality – like my top here is (unless you want to dress your investment pieces down).

I’ve got a few more Boohoo pieces to share next week – in the mean time, get excited ’cause we only have a few more weeks left of winter!

IMG_1541 IMG_1576 IMG_1588IMG_1597 IMG_1637IMG_1644 IMG_1558

Boohoo top, part of co-ord (advertorial) // Cameo skirt // Proenza Schouler bag // Finders Keepers heels // Sophie Bille Brahe earring

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Girl in the Fire

August 23, 2015

In this post, I’m wearing the Boohoo skirt that matches the top I wore in my previous post.

Though both pieces do look great together and are a great fail-safe outfit option, I wanted to show how useful and versatile co-ords can be mixed in with different pieces.

The co-ords section at Boohoo is one of my favourites – a great place to go for on-trend pieces which are also great value (basically a 2-for-1). It’s no secret that the fashion world has been besotted with co-ords, and I don’t think this is a trend that is going to disappear anytime soon!

IMG_1386IMG_1420IMG_1469IMG_1442 IMG_1402 IMG_1461 IMG_1492

Boohoo skirt, part of co-ord (advertorial) // Cameo top // Tony Bianco boots // River Island coat // Alexander McQueen bag // Sophie Bille Brahe earring

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Hound in the Woods

August 22, 2015

One of my biggest wardrobe challenges this winter has been finding some great basics. Everything is either to oversized, the wrong sort of fabric, way too overpriced or just not the right colour.


On trend cuts and colours? Check.

Comfortable yet stylish? Check.

Well priced enough that I can buy enough pieces to match all my winter outfits? Check.

I think I’m onto a winner – especially with this houndstooth top (which came as a matching set with a skirt) which is so comfortable, super cool, great quality and believe it or not, cost only $16!! Perfect for dependable staples you can mix-n-match with anything, Boohoo is sure to become a favourite here on.

IMG_1238IMG_1308 IMG_1198 IMG_1345IMG_1249 IMG_1250

Boohoo top, part of co-ord (advertorial) // Ellery skirt // River Island coat // Deadly Ponies bag // Margiela boots // Sophie Bille Brahe earring


Kirstie Clements at Westfield

June 29, 2015

Hi all, it’s been a while! I’m just coming out of a very busy time of year at work in the lead up to the End of Financial Year, so looking forward to getting back to regular scheduling.

Before this busy period, I had the great pleasure of being invited to an event at Westfield Marion to celebrate the launch of former Vogue Australia Editor in Chief, Kirstie Clements.

The team at Westfield spared no effort in making the event a huge success, with a beautiful draped ceiling and fern detailing (not forgetting the good food, drinks and company).

Of course, the most anticipated part of the evening was listening to Kirstie recount some of her memories from her time at Vogue Australia, and having the opportunity to ask questions. She offered some career advice about the impact that high attention to detail and immaculate grooming can have on being successful in getting that job you’ve always dreamed of.

That and much more in her newest book, which you can find here ‘Impressive: How to have a Stylish Career’. Have you read any of her books before? What did you think?

IMG_8712 IMG_8674 IMG_8673 IMG_8666 IMG_8658 IMG_8650 IMG_8641 IMG_8627 IMG_8620


Burger Foundry

May 15, 2015

Among my group of friends, I’m quite sure I’m well known for my love of sushi and burgers. So when I was invited to an event at Burger Foundry, I was incredibly excited! As it turned out, unfortunately (*cries*) I was unable to make it – so instead the lucky Fashion Adventurer Boyfriend – a true burger connoisseur – got his chance to make his event debut.

Burger Foundry have long since had an eastside store on Magill Road – and now, one in the westside on Henley Beach Road. Their new store is every bit as ‘Burger Foundry’ as their Magill store, with their same great signature handmade burgers. The Fashion Adventurer Boyfriend was also particularly impressed with the side dishes on offer, and the range of beverages available.

You really can’t go wrong with any restaurant with the Boyfriend seal of approval – so I can’t wait to get the chance to visit the new Burger Foundry store myself!

IMG_7435 IMG_7439 IMG_7440 IMG_7445 IMG_7448 IMG_7460 IMG_7464 IMG_7467 IMG_7469 IMG_7476 IMG_7486 IMG_7492 IMG_7493

Burger Foundry

172 Henley Beach Road, Torrensville