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How to Style Jade

April 18, 2016

Jade has been a bit of an ‘it’ colour for a little while now, however when I received this absolutely gorgeous jade Swarovski pearl necklace from Jet Empire, I was at first really stumped how to style it.

I really wanted the colour to stand out, and also accentuate the delicacy of the necklace on a bit of skin. I finally settled on a simple white silk blouse with a v-neck, with a gold skirt.

I think white is such a great backdrop for jade, but also think nudes and grey shades would also look fantastic! I’m really excited to style this necklace with some other pieces in my wardrobe!

IMG_6601 IMG_6875IMG_6676 IMG_6939 IMG_7361 Jet Empire ‘Here Comes The Rain’ Necklace *sponsored* // Zara Top // Alice McCaul Skirt // Acne Studios Boots

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Adelaide Designer Runway: couture+love+madness

February 18, 2016

I’ve featured local Adelaide label couture+love+madness (one of my most admired couture labels) a few times now over the years (here and here), and was recently invited view designer Cristina Tridente’s latest collection at the Loreto Gardens.

The collection comprised a wide variety of ethereal fabrics – from embroidery on light silk, sumptuous sequin encrusted lace, to sparkly patterns almost disguised on vivid red sheer silk.

I can’t get enough of the white embroidered dresses, the pink-on-red gowns, and those incredible floral headpieces from Bizzar0.

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Master Winter Layering with Paige Rowe

February 7, 2016

I recently had a priviledge to style and shoot Adelaide designer Paige Rowe‘s new Winter 16 collection in the underground tunnels at The Lion Hotel.

Many friends of mine have commented in the past how much they love winter fashion. There’s so much more they can do with a limited number of pieces – particularly with layering. Well, Paige Rowe is a master of layering! Almost all of her Winter 16 pieces have been designed to layer with each other, and can also fit seamlessly in with pieces you might already own.

There are many ways to do layering, but one way that I think looks great is to start with longer pieces as a base, and then add shorter and more cropped pieces over the top.

I’ve used this formula for both of my outfits! Starting with a long midi skirt, next adding a longer cami with tails at the back, and finishing with a fitted blouse which is shorter overall.

I also added some neck pieces in both for interest – Paige has some awesome neck pieces this season. I love her snoods (which come in all manner of fabrics) and furry collars.

Paige has a pop up shop open until 26th Feburary at 122 King William Road, Hyde Park – so treat yourself and book in for a styling session with her!

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Beauty: Using Serums to Improve Your Skin

February 1, 2016

Following my post on enzyme treatments, I teamed up with the lovely ladies at Evolve Skin Rejuvenation Clinic to explain serums and how they can improve your skin.

Erin from Evolve made up my own custom serum ‘cocktail’ which was applied as part of an custom enzyme treatment – but you can just as easily include serums in your daily skin prep routune.

To start with, Erin preped my skin by double cleansing with Chi Australia’s Rose Mousse Cleanser. I actually love this cleaner so much (I bought my own to use at home!) – it’s very soft, and while it leaves you feeling very clean, it doesn’t strip too much of your natural barrier oils.

Next, Erin analysed my skin and found minor pore congestion and mild skin dehydration. To improve this, she decided continued with my enzyme treatment and exfoliation, followed with an ultrasonic infusion of serums.

To find out about the enzyme treatment, check out my earlier post.

For the ultrasonic infusion, Erin used three serums:

  • LYCD – oxygenates the skin, which accelerates healing of damaged skin
  • Green Tea – great for sensitive skin, and helps break down pigment and prevent aging
  • Natto – extremely hydrating, also calms dermatitis and exzcema

She then infused these into my skin using ultrasonic – heat and vibration technology, which helps push the serum into deeper layers of skin.

Afterwards, I had an Edelweiss Silk Mask layered over the top to futher hydrate and ‘seal’ the serums into the skin.

Finally, Erin applied sunscreen and moisturiser to protect my skin! Cosmedix Reflect suncreen is a great one – a non oily spray that you can wear under your foundation!

If you’re interested in trying out one of Evolve‘s treatments, I have a $50 voucher available below (one use per person) that can go towards your own treatment! Then, if you like Evolve’s Facebook page and leave a review based on your exprience, you could also win a $200 paper pack!

IMG_2056-2 IMG_2059-2 IMG_2060-2 IMG_2062-2 IMG_2064-2 IMG_2068-2 IMG_2073-2 EVOLVE SKIN REJUVENATION


Travel Diary: Salt Lake City

January 25, 2016

After my time in Florida, I decided to cash in on the time/effort/pain it takes getting to America from Australia – and visit my pal Yogi Bear in Yellowstone National Park.

I’ll detail this in a future post for those interested in travelling to Yellowstone – but it is not a particularly easy place to get to. One of the only routes there is via Salt Lake City, and I was fortunate to get some shots from above to showcase it’s beauty.

Salt Lake City is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before – surely there can’t be many cities with such etheral beauty? I would love to get the chance to go back one day and properly explore!

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Travel Diary: Florida

January 21, 2016

In 2015 I went to America, and I can’t believe it’s taken until now to get around sharing some travel diaries! (Let’s just put the delay down to all the thousands of emails I had to deal with post travel…).

I actually went for business purposes – my company holds a large internal conference in America every year, this time being in Orlando, Florida.

So while the majority of my time was spent at the conference (not a bad thing when it includes pyrolytics, an afternoon in Disneyland studying customer obsession and building lightsabers, a private Katy Perry concert and fireworks), I did get a bit of free time. I visited Universal Studios, Downtown Disney, Disney Hollywood Studios and … a quintessential American shopping mall where I stocked up big time at Sephora and visited a Microsoft store.

Universal Studios was by far the best theme park that I visited – how can you not be obsessed with all the Jurassic Park and Harry Potter areas and pretty merchandise?

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Beauty: The Enzyme Mask Treatment

January 20, 2016

I’m a firm believer in taking the best care of my skin as possible. What I do for my skin now can really make a difference to it’s condition in the future when I’m older, helping me to look younger for longer!

Drinking plenty of water, keeping moisturised, wearing sunscreen, and covering up with a long sleeved shirt/midi skirt are some key parts of my (somewhat conservative) beauty regime. However I recently had an Enzyme Mask Treatment with the fab ladies at Evolve Skin Rejuvenation Clinic – it and my new beauty regime have resulted in my skin being super smooth, hydrated and bright. It makes applying make-up a breeze!

There are two kinds of beauty salons: those which do purely relaxing/cosmetic treatments (your traditional salons) and those which are para-medical. Evolve is one of the latter, and focuses on diagnosing your skin’s condition and finding a solution to work towards it being the best it can be.

At the beginning of my treatment, my beautician Niki appraised my skin using a Woods Lamp and a magnifying lamp. The Woods Lamp is pretty neat, as through it, the skin appears different shades of ultraviolet according to its condition. This gave Niki all the info she needed to customise a treatment according to my skin’s needs.

So what do you get in an Enzyme Mask Treatment?

  1. First Niki cleansed twice with Chi Australia’s Green Tea Cleanser. Cleansing twice is importance, as the first time removes the surface layer of dirt, and the second time cleanses more deeply.
  2. Next Niki refreshed my skin with Chi Australia’s Rose Petal Spritz.
  3. Once the skin is prepared, the Bio-Enzyme Mask is applied (mine was made of pure pawpaw and pineapple enzymes).
  4. Exfoliation! The most effective way to exfoliate is using a automatic brush (think Clarisonic). 5 minutes with the brush can get rid of more dead surface cells than a 20 minute exfoliating facial! While the mask was on, Niki exfoliated my skin, which also infused the mask into my skin.
  5. With the mask still on, Niki used a steamer to moisten and relax the skin post exfoliation.
  6. Mask is removed with a hot towel.
  7. Application of:
    • Chi Australia’s B3 Serum (this contains Niacinamide, which is truly amazing for the skin – not only hydrating but increases collagen and calms any redness).
    • Chi Australia H20 Moisturiser (made from marine extracts which hydrate the skin without feeling greasy)
    • Reflect SPF15 (a mineral sunscreen which is easily sprayed into any moisturiser)

I’ve continued to use the Chi Australia’s B3 Serum and Kakadu Plum Serum since the Treatment, and they are amazing! They feel so good on the skin, and have helped maintain its condition, while also even out the skin tone. Wendii (who owns Evolve and Chi Australia) developed the Chi Para-Medical Skin Care line with leading Bio Chemists, and all of the products are simple, affordable and produce amazing results.

If you’re interested in trying out one of Evolve’s treatments, I have a $50 voucher available below (one use per person) that can go towards your own treatment! Then, if you like Evolve’s Facebook page and leave a review based on your exprience, you could also win a $200 paper pack!


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What to wear: Festivals

December 21, 2015

Summer season is festival season, especially in Adelaide.

That time of year everyone looks forward to when ice cream melted by the sun drips down your arm. When you can let your hair dry naturally in the sun. When you raid your mother’s, grandmother’s or best friends wardrobe for those holy grail pieces to complete your festival outfit. When the bonds of friendship between you and your gang tighten, and you lie in the grass watching the sun set. When you listen to your favourite band play in the balmy evening warmth, sipping cold ciders on your balcony.

Of course there’s more to it than this – and a big part is how to look (and feel) like a part of summer festival culture, but still maintain your own style.

I partnered with ASOS to style my own festival outfit – I took elements of quintessential festival style, and mixed in some elements (like luxe fabrics and deailing) that are true to my style.

Let me show you how to put together your own festival outfit:

  1. I think the best place to start is have a look at pieces and styles usually saved for festivals. Think kimonos, maxi dresses, fringing, bell bottomed pants and tops, denim mini shorts, slinky jewellery, oversized hats and all things beaded.
  2. Next think about what you might pair together. Some examples of great pairings are: crop top + bell bottomed pants, denim mini shorts + kimono, maxi dress + kimono, denim mini shorts + bell bottomed top. This is where you can start to introduce some of ‘you’ – love wearing maxi dresses or denim mini shorts in your day-to-day style? They would be good styles to pick.
  3. Now think about fabric, colours and syle of the garments you pick. I love the elegance of maxi dresses, and the crushed burgundy velvet gives the dress a luxe edge. However the crushed velvet and thin straps give it a vintage feel. The kimono I picked accentuates this, but still retains some luxe elements, such as the beading detail on the back. I also used colour (burgundy dress and beading on kimono) to pull the outfit together.
  4. Accesorise! I went with a body chain, a large hat and some strappy lace up heels. You could also look at gladiator sandals, fringed bags, feather necklaces or headdresses and silk scarves!

Now all you need are some festivals to attend!

Some local suggestions:

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Dîner en Blanc

November 30, 2015

‘All white everything’ is one of the biggest trends (and way of life) in the fashion world. Seach #allwhiteeverything on Instagram and you’ll come across a plethora of stylish bloggers touting the look.

Fortunately #allwhiteeverything also applies to the Dîner en Blanc – a worldwide epicurean phenomenon. Unsuprisingly, this enchanting event is originally from the fashion heartland Paris, and it is equal parts culinary feast, pop-up event and visual spectacle.

There’s nothing else quite like it – guests must dress elegantly in white, and also bring their own table settings, silverwear, white linen serviettes, wine, champagne and delicious menu items.

True to its Parisian legacy and traditions, the feast begins with a visually breathtaking napkin waving, and a collective lighting of sparklers signifies the time to mingle and dance. When the trumpet sounds at the end of the evening, guests pack up their sophisticated silverware, elaborate centrepieces, chairs and tables leaving behind no signs of their revelry.

Sounds cool, right? Here’s the key rules on joining:

  • To participate, guests must be invited by a member from the previous year or get on the official website’s waiting list (Adelaide events on now and Melbourne event on 27th Feb 2016).
  • Once confirmed, each guest’s participation becomes mandatory, regardless of weather conditions, as the event goes ahead rain or shine.
  • The site chosen is typically in one of the most beautiful parts of the city, where diners can “see and be seen.”
  • True to tradition, bystanders will witness groups of 100 to 300 people gather at specific rallying points across the city. These groups will then converge on one of the most beautiful settings in the city, either on foot or by other organised means of transportation.

Hope to see you there!

Le Diner En Blanc - 12


Runway Show: The Red Dress

November 25, 2015

Part of Feast Festival 2015, ‘The Red Dress’ celebrated everyone’s favourite statement garmet: the red dress. A runway show featured many incredible red (or close to red!) dresses from some much loved local, interstate and international designers.

Pieces from Stephanie Chehade (more on her runway show here), couture+love+madness (check out her last show here), Matcho Suba and Simmone Standing were particular favourites – though even more so were the Queens who joined the Finesse Models to close the show!

Make sure to check out some shows at Feast Festival while you still can :)

IMG_9674 IMG_9692 IMG_9753 IMG_9763See more below!

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